Winnipeg Freight Services Ltd

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Druto Freight Services Ltd
House #22, Road #18, Sector #3, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh .
Freight Forwarder Bangladesh
They are freight forwarder air & sea in Bangladesh. Their main services are
transport and forwarding of import and local cargo, clearance of vehicle imports for SA and Neighboring countries, arrangement and monitoring of transport and deliveries for all cargo, booking and shipping of cargo to and from overseas, sea / rail transportation.
Warehousing operations: Jit Global transportation co.,ltd provides service on 2,000 square meters of warehousing platform. You can operate JIT. VMI modes of operation , facilities including forklift (2-5t) crane (10t) in warehouse for use , bar-code management supporting. Special tools used for the metal pail carton packaging and moving supporting,vacuum packing supporting.One-stop mode logistics supporting.
4. Import and export agent:Jit Global transportation co.,ltd provides import consignee issued on Master awb(MAWB) or swb(MSWB) and House awb(HAWB) or hb/l when import bugginesses(from overseas point to china)happened.jit Global provides Export Verification Form when export(from china to overseas point)happened, Notify party of ocean. documents for import and export when the supervision conditions of HS code needed, such as: free ccc,electromechanical trial DGM identification of dangerous goods. Old equipment returned commodity inspection identification and product identification and so on.