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汽车整车及CKD运输一直是广州骇客国际的品牌服务重点,长年以来,依托中国地区的实力和不断改进完善的服务,广州骇客国际与国际及国内合资汽车厂商建立了长期友 好的合作关系,向其提供专业的汽车物流服务。以推进“海运+货运增值服务+供应链管理”的服务模式,推广汽车CKD延伸增值服务,仓储,包装,零件管理 等,包括整车集装箱支架运输市场开发及滚装运输。

我国秦山核电站、田湾核电站、三峡水利枢纽工程等一批国家重点工程项目设备物资的运输工作, “万无一失”地完成了这些特殊而重大的使命,确保了各工程的顺利进行,广州骇客国际公司在核电项目中一流的服务质量,丰富的经验,科学的管理体系以及综合策划、组 织、协调能力,受到了国家领导与业主的一致好评,在这一领域树立了独一无二的品牌


Guangzhou hacker global container transport capacity and service reflect, hackers play to guangzhou international freight system of the multimodal transport network spread across the country and advantages, for customers to provide automobile logistics, electrical engineering, heavy equipment, chemical dangerous goods logistics and other special business door to door service and related value-added services.
Hacker has high quality project team, make full use of guangzhou international system and project operation experience and brand advantage, based on the current customer resources and service system, carefully build all kinds of project logistics solutions to the customers, to provide quality logistics services.

Automobile logistics project
Car transport vehicle and chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been the guangzhou hacker international brand service focus, for years, relying on the strength and the continuous improvement of China's perfect service, guangzhou hacker international automobile manufacturers set up a joint venture with international and domestic friends and long-term good relations of cooperation, to provide professional automobile logistics service.In order to promote the "ocean freight + value-added services and supply chain management" service mode, promote car CKD extension of value-added services, warehousing, packaging, parts management, etc., including vehicle container transportation market development and ro-ro transportation.

Power engineering project
Nuclear power projects:
Qinshan nuclear power plant in our country, tianwan nuclear power station, the three gorges water conservancy hub project of a batch of national key projects such as the transport of equipment supplies, "safe" to complete the special and important mission, to ensure the smooth progress of each project, guangzhou hackers international company first-class quality of service in the nuclear power project, rich experience, scientific management system and integrated planning, groups and coordinated ability, has received the national leadership with the owner's consistent high praise, set up the unique brand in the field

Wind power projects:
Wind power is strong support of environmental friendly energy projects in China.Guangzhou hacker international company involved in wind power equipment transport has 5 years of experience, complete 260 sets of wind turbines and transportation of the blade
Wind power project of transportation difficulties mainly in the blade, nacelle and tower parts.Blade long out-of-gauge goods, depending on the type, between 28 to 40 m;Cabin out-of-gauge goods belong to overweight, generally between 35-75 tons;Tower diameter is too large, out-of-gauge goods belong to the same.
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