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is an international logistics company that specializing in international, 3rd-party and freight forwarding business. And our goal is to be an ‘International 4th-party logistics company’. We are surrounded by a group of young, motivated people. We believe passion, honesty and reliability are the reasons that keep us going on this logistics business.

We are always believe that the local knowlodage is invaluable, that is why we build the close relationship with our worldwide agent .set up the global net work, Over 200 agents from Southeast Asia, Europe, USA...etc.

If you are looking for: timely deliveries, accurate and reliable information, favourable prices, professional and friendly services. We invite you to be a partner with DCG LOGISTICS CO.,LTD.

Information and services we offer:
- Import ocean freight (FCL & LCL)
- Export ocean freight (FCL & LCL)
- Crosstrade (ocean & air) shipments
- Import & Export air freight
- Project shipments
- Customs formalities
- Warehousing
- Transport insurance一如既往地为客户提供安全、周到、体贴的服务。在市场更趋成熟,并进一步走向国际化,走向WTO的今天,各大企业越来越需要互相协作参与市场竞争。公司有信心跟上市场脚步,为客户提供良好的服务,以期成为客户最好的合作伙伴及助手。“你的满意,我的追求”是我们不变的宗旨。为应对激烈的市场竞争,使广州市浩运(迅达)国际货运有限公司真正由传统的速递企业向现代速递企业转换,达到降低物流成本,提高自身的竞争力的目的,公司除了要向集团化、网络化、国际化方向发展外,更重要是要向科技化方向发展,拟建立自己的电子商务平台及业务管理信息系统。广东浩运国际供应链管理有限公司以信息技术的改造为核心带动公司整个业务流程和客户服务流程的优化,整合公司的资源,建立一家集信息流、物流、资金流、人才流为一体的大型速递公司。