Abidjan 20’GP, 40”GP

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我司可以为您提供珠三角、香港、直通全球的国际空运服务,我司与全球100多个国家和地区有密切的业务往来,长期以来在美国、欧洲、台湾、东南亚、非洲、中东等国家和地区的同行中建立了信用机制,开出了多条国际空运专线,能提供门到门、门到港、港到港的多样服务,并可为您办理提货、清关及各项繁琐手续,您只需要来一个电话便可将货物发送到世界各地。我司与多家航空公司有着良好合作关系,其中欧美航线为我司的主导航线,合作的航空公司有:OZ、SQ、UPS、CX、CA、CZ、CV、TG、EY、KE、MH、BA、AA等。Second-hand Container Sale

To satisfy the needs of the customers, we offer sencond-hand container sale, modified and transport services. Sales in the container business are mainly in standard container (20’GP, 40”GP), as well as the provision of specialized services, including Open-top container, Platform Container, Refrigerated Container and so on.

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